A Road to Success

Yesterday, I was telling a friend about one of the roads I traveled on, and since then, it’s been roaming around in my heart. When that happens, I know it’s meant to “come out” in writing, so let me take down a road I traveled on.

In two thousand and eight, I had started a new job and decided to go back to school to become a judge. I had a busy schedule then, so I enrolled in one class a semester and started off with basic English to get the ball rolling. While I was in that first English class, I remembered a passion of mine.

When I was in sixth grade, I had the meanest English teacher ever and learned the most from her. The impact she had on my life caused me to want to become a sixth grade English teacher. Once I remembered that, I changed my career path from judge to English teacher and continued to reach that goal.

Every semester, I would take a harder English class, and every class, I earned an “A” grade. When I maxed out on English, I took a creative writing class and was loving ever minute of it.

Two thousand and eight was also the year I’d decided to stop sleeping around and chose to only sleep with someone, IF they were my boyfriend. This was my “Christian woman” mentality, mind you. I ended up in a relationship and continued excelling in English; all the while…wanting to know God more.

I began reading a translation of the bible I actually understood and began to want to align my self up to what I was reading. In two thousand in nine, that boyfriend ended up leaving me for alcohol, which threw me deeper into God’s heart, which began to change my perspective and my priorities, and started me on a whole new path.

As I began to fall in love with God, I realized school work was getting in the way, so I finished my creative writing class and spent more time with God in His word. It was THERE that I realized my passion was to teach about His Heart and transformation just happened, but that’s a whole book in itself.

So, for many, the road to success travels by a graduation ceremony with a degree in hand, but not for me. For me, success in knowing God and living every moment through His Heart. I love the path I’m on and would never pressure my kids to do things the way “I” think they should be done. I’ll just continue to pray for them to encounter God on whichever road they choose to travel on because THAT’s the only thing that matters.

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