There’s a story behind these flags.


Infinity scarfs are made to order and are one of a kind!
$35.00    Etsy


These worship flags are swing worship flags and do not have sticks or flexible rods. Sewn into one of the corners is a long beaded (lead) weight. There’s a short edged seem and a long edged seam. You hold the flag near the bottom of the long edge and begin making a figure eight motion. Wherever the corner leads, the rest will follow, and the flag begins to dance in the air.

To order, fill out the contact form, email me at, or visit my Etsy Shop.

Flags are custom made: You give me a color (or colors), and the Holy Ghost creates the rest.

(blue, aqua, red, orange, turquoise, pink, magenta, burgundy, purple, gold, green, yellow, etc.)

*Ask for any available flags or for our child size!* (Prices Reduced for a LIMITED TIME)

Prices of single/set of flags and approximate sizes

REGULAR: $40.00/$60.00  for regular size (36″ x 46″) (5 mm silk)

LARGE: $70.00/$110.00  for large size (45″ x 54″) (5 mm silk)

JUMBO: $80.00/$125.00  for jumbo size (55″ x 58″) (5 mm silk)

LONG CUT: $65.00 for a butterfly cut (36″ x 58″) (5 mm silk)

HEAVY SILK: $50.00/$80.00  for Regular size HEAVIER SILK (45″ x 46″) (8 mm silk)

HEAVY SILK: $70.00/$110.00 for Large size HEAVIER SILK (45″ x 54″) (8 mm silk)

  • All sales must be purchased prior to creating process.
  • Tax is included in price.
  • There are no refunds or returns. Flags are custom made, and every sale is final.
  • All flags are made out of silk with beaded lead weights sewn into them.
  • Silk frays and needs to be trimmed periodically.
  • Eventually, material will pull at the seems from the weight but will still looks beautiful in the air.
  • Customer pays shipping.

Credit and Debit cards accepted in person, over the phone, or through Etsy.

13 thoughts on “Shop

  1. Just want to remind,..It would be so much easier to pay when You set up payments with a credit card!!! But I know You Know


    1. I DO have the capability to accept credit cards. There’s not a link on the website YET, but there will be, but in person or over the phone, I can take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and JCB.


  2. I would like to order a set of child size flags (faded blues, turquoise, blue & white). I have a visa gift card I received for my birthday July 26, 2015. I have been planning to buy swing flags, but cant find them in my city of Columbus ohio. Can you accept gift cards? I have a lot of flags with long sticks; and I’m tall 5″8. I have not flagged for several years, but want to begin worshipping with flags again. I am almost 60 years old and believe swing flags are beautiful and may be easier to work with. I would like to practice with the child flags, then give them to my 4 year old granddaughter and get a bigger set for myself. Darnetta Jefferson

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How old is she?
      The swing flags will work with the right and/or the left. Depending on her age, the regular sized flag would work, and that’s $40.
      On special order, I can do a toddler sized flag for $25.


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