I got another job!

I say “another” job because making flags is my first job (although, not everyone in my life considers it one).

A few days ago, I started working as a Recovery Advocate at Origins, a treatment center on South Padre Island!


“Lost Love”

it breaks my heart
to see relationships
without love

with the absence of love
there’s room for so much more

but the moment love becomes present
the rest is covered

“Forrest Gump”

I love it so much
I know it’s not my identity
but now that I’m running
I feel I’ve found a lost part of me

the sound of my shoes
the rhythm of my breathing
the thoughts in my head
in my heart
the memories
the hopes
the plans
every thought positive
I just…love it

even when I’m slow
if I keep going
I’ll get there
never looking back
never losing track
simply moving

and afterwards
oh afterwards
I feel SO good
almost good enough
to keep going

someday…I will