“Camp Fires”

I don’t want to go to Texas and “find” a church
I want what I have inside Continue reading


“Hidden Wide Open”

the voice of my tears
ready to fight
wanting to cower
one after another
rolling down my cheeks
making a mess on my face

no one knows
others have left
just me

been there
done that
reminded again

I’m stronger than I think
but sometimes think past my strength
and become weakened

more tears

I wish I could hide this poem
but my heart won’t let me
I wish I could run to Texas
but my place is here and now

to prepare for the convention
and BE love for every encounter

“No One Else”

just me
little makeup
no heels

just me
different weight
different beauty

just me
as I am
and will be

just me
closed mind
open heart

just me
out of darkness
into light

just me
being light
in the dark

just me
becoming love
inside of Him

just me
my unique
to change the world


I saw God tonight
in the eyes of two women

who burn with fire
in flames of prayer
who stop and go
at the sound of God’s voice
who give without asking
because of Who asked

who gave selflessly
in love
who gave selflessly
FOR Love

in the eyes of two women
I saw God tonight