some people think faith
is opening their own doors
before closing others

they want that guarantee of provision
before they allow God to provide
they want to have enough saved up
before they step out in faith
they want to have all bases covered
before they’ll follow Him

but many times
He’ll shut a door
before another one opens
and sometimes
He wants YOU
to shut the door

but people wait
wait for what?

those who can’t let go
hold on to control

do you think God notices?

He looks past your job
He looks past your dreams
He looks past your circumstances

into your heart

He knows
He sees
maybe weeps
for you to let go
and follow him


they’re everywhere
hard to find

with social media
one can see
when being left out

people choose who they want
to spend time with
to invite

they forget
but will miss
they smile
without an ear

looking forward
to being one
with my best friend
in Texas