“Exchange of Time”

losing a son
gaining a daughter


“Weight to Share”

have you ever been
to voice what your tears
really mean?

who would like
my burdens?
I’m willing to share

realizing the value
of time
knowing the absence
of presence

the F in
the A in
the I in
the T in
the H in

as life changes
so do definitions

of marriage
of family
of yoke

some words’ve


as I write
I work
the issues
in my mind

what started
in chaos
in perfect

That Scraping Sound

On Friday night, I was invited to a worship gathering but had no idea what was in store for me.

First of all, I LOVE going places for the very first time! It never bothers me to go places alone because I’ve always “had” to go places alone. Actually, I get excited to find out where I’m going. Are you like that? Anyway, this story has a twist. Continue reading

“Looking Back at Me”

when I look at myself
some times
I see the past
some times
I see the present

the weight I’ve gained
the parts that are aging
the gray
but then I think of the kids
and what they see

they see the mother they looked to
while breastfeeding
they see the profile of the mommy
who used to burp them
they see the beauty of the one
who’s made them smile
they see the comforting arms
that’ve held them
they see the lap they used to lay on
while watching movies
they see the hands of the woman
who has led them
they see the eyes and the face
of who’s always loved them

age doesn’t stick out to them
because they’re aging too
and we’re still growing
as a family
in the soil of love


-interfere in or busy oneself unduly with something that is not one’s concern.
-touch or handle (something) without permission.

on Monday
someone meddled
with my family

a “Christian”
with “good intentions”
left a path
of destruction
and chaos
disrupting minds
that were set

there was no warning
much like a tornado
there’s STILL debris
on the ground

my first response
was to vent
but instead
I continued on
in peace and quiet

and whatayaknow
God’s been at work
changing minds
and moods
to look more like

God reveals truth
and the enemy’s lies