Favor with the Boss

Yesterday afternoon, my friend, Carlene, brought food to have lunch with me in the park. We were ready to chat, laugh, pray…whatever God had planned, and guess what? He had something planned.  Continue reading


To Never Be Alone

Yesterday morning, as I was walking up a slight hill towards work, I noticed a homeless man named Cedric walking down toward my direction from across the way. I hollered to him, and he hollered back. I turned the corner, and as I was walking, I could hear his shopping cart advancing at a quicker pace than my step, so I slowed down, so he’d be able to catch up, and he did.  Continue reading

In His Stillness

Yesterday, in Balboa Park, I was sitting on my wall, admiring God’s beauty in the scenery and in the people around me, when this man started to walk by. I asked him about his day. He said it was good and asked about mine. I said the same thing. Then, he added a comment about where he was headed. To me, that was an open door, so I jumped up to talk with him. Continue reading

My Reflection

When I was a little girl, I saw Olivia Newton John in a couple movies: “Grease” and “Xandadu.” I knew all the songs from “Grease,” and my aunt and grandma would rave about how I sounded just-like-her. At eight years old, I was taken to see “Xanadu” and walked away thinking I looked just-like-her.

One day, I was playing, and as I was playing, I caught a glimpse of my reflection. I was so upset. I started crying. Continue reading

Coach Kyle

IMG_1963My son, Kyle, has a dream of someday either being an NFL coach of a team or owning one. On Saturday, his dream began with his first coaching position of my other son, Nathan’s, team. I was one proud momma!

When I post about my kids, it may seem odd, but if you lived inside my heart, you’d understand. When my older two were little, I oppressed them with a darkness that’s hard to fathom: Continue reading

JC’s Girls at the Rock

I lead a ministry at the Rock Church in San Diego called “JC’s Girls,” and we go to strip clubs and porn conventions and love on the ladies, and beyond that, we live our lives through God’s heart. Every day…reaching out.

What Our Ministry is About

As a leader, I’ve been loved, supported, prayed for, judged, talked about, challenged…there’s probably more, but thank God…I only care what He thinks, so I’m going to pour out my heart for a moment.

Continue reading

An Order of Prayer

A couple of weeks ago, I had a meeting at a Starbucks and met a man who fell in love with my laugh. His exact words…”I will never forget you.” Last night, I ended up at that same Starbucks, and when he saw my face, he said, “I remember you!” That made me laugh. Then he said, “I remembered you before you laughed!” He was so proud of himself.

He asked if I wanted to order anything. I told him I was waiting for someone. I asked him how he was doing. He said he was letting go of some stuff, and it was hard. I asked him what he was letting go of. He said, “Drugs. I was so high last time I saw you.” I grabbed his hand and started praying. Continue reading

Weeping…to Know You More

I am just in awe of Who God is. I’m sitting here weeping and cannot stop. I like to share my intimate moments with you because there may be someone out there who isn’t having them who needs to hear the hope that they do happen.

I was just sitting here thinking about my birthday and how loved I felt, but it wasn’t just love that was felt because of my birthday, I feel so loved every day. I’ve learned to hang around with people who “like” me. I no longer try to “force” myself into anyone’s life, and it has brought me so much freedom.  Continue reading