fear is such a bully
who thrives
on keeping one locked up

what should’ve been done
what could’ve been done
how you’ve failed

but it’s only an illusion

fear threatens
and suffocates
and ages one
without them knowing

fear has a tall shadow
but a tiny image
it can look like light
and sound like sanity

it wears its costume

but when exposed
it disintegrates
into nothingness


Warning: personal post about a health issue…

Have you ever felt something pass through your intestines? Well, I believe I have on more than a few occasions, and each time, it causes severe pain, dizziness to the point of passing out, loss of vision, etc. Well, let me explain what happened to me yesterday.

Katie had been sick, so Scott and I went to Sprouts for her, which was almost an hour away. As we were leaving the store, I had this familiar abdominal pain and thought, “Oh, no! Not now. Katie needs these groceries,” so I ignored the slight pain and moved on. Uhm…not the best decision. Continue reading


can be good or bad
angelic or demonic
can weigh the scale
of decisions

but at times
you won’t know
which influenced you
until after
the choice’s been made

which may be too late

the point past no return
still has a panoramic view