Warning: personal post about a health issue…

Have you ever felt something pass through your intestines? Well, I believe I have on more than a few occasions, and each time, it causes severe pain, dizziness to the point of passing out, loss of vision, etc. Well, let me explain what happened to me yesterday.

Katie had been sick, so Scott and I went to Sprouts for her, which was almost an hour away. As we were leaving the store, I had this familiar abdominal pain and thought, “Oh, no! Not now. Katie needs these groceries,” so I ignored the slight pain and moved on. Uhm…not the best decision.

About five to ten minutes later, I felt extreme pain in my intestines. Previously, when this happened, I figured it was something I ate that hadn’t agreed with me, but as I scanned my memory for what I’d eaten the past few days, I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. Regardless, something was happening, and I found myself sort of paralyzed.

I couldn’t speak. Heat rushed through my body to my head, and I became extremely dizzy. I couldn’t control what was happening and believe everything went black for a moment. The next thing I knew, all I was seeing was the whitest white I had ever seen. I couldn’t make anything out, except the tail lights on cars. I was so freaked out. The pain was intense. The times this had happened before, I’d been on the toilet or in the bathroom and probably closed my eyes, but because I was sitting upright in the truck with a seat belt on, I just went with the outlandish flow.

Again, I couldn’t speak. I was just sitting there, praying, thinking about getting the groceries back to Katie, trying to get my vision back. I couldn’t even reach for my water. It was intense. Finally, my vision came back, but I was still dizzy beyond belief, and I was exhausted. All I could do was buckle over and rest my head on my hand. In that position, I used my other hand to turn the AC vents toward my head and just laid there, until I could sit up again, which was when we were about home.

When we finally got home, I passed whatever needed to come out, but I’m curious: has this happened to anyone else?


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