“War Games”

you can feel whole alone
but as soon as you enter relationship
you’ll find there’re some things you “need”
from the other person

it seems to be
the way God created it to work

if you’ve spent a lot of time alone
it may be hard to identify
if you’re full of pride
it may be very hard to accept

but it’s a give and take
not a tug of war

“Testing the Waters”

I’m back
although people may not’ve noticed me
but I’m back
I think

in a way I shut down
being open about my life
because of advice
because of fear
because of betrayal

but one thing’s for certain
I feel “called” to write
so when I don’t
I feel out of balance

you’ve missed birthdays
and deaths
and triumphs

so as I stand up strong
with my core intact
I’ll let every word
from my heart and mind

I’m no longer
to be me

if you don’t want me
to write about you
don’t hurt me