“Perfect Peace”


In this life
Things won’t always be fair
And hardly ever turn out even
But deep down inside
Everything’s right
Because in perfect Peace
Is where I dwell


“My Reflection”

As you go through life
It’s not so much
You learn who you are
It’s much more like
You learn who you’re not
Which reveals who you are

I mean
I know who I am in Christ
But I still learn more about myself
Every week
Which tends to reveal
More of who I’m not

I’m a woman with integrity
One to be remembered and thought of
Not to be put on a shelf
Or under a table
I’m worth hearing and knowing
I’m kind and courageous

As time goes by
I’ll learn more and more
Never to disappoint myself
In who I find myself to be
But always with excitement
Discovering who I’m not