Me and Lee

Lee has just asked me to sign my business card
Lee has just asked me to sign my business card

“Love of Friends”

No more counterfeit
after feeling this love
no other thing
will fool me

freely given
without words
deeply known
no question

by their love
showing me
the heart of Jesus

Where does creativity come from
How does it grow

Out of love
First Love from Him
encouraged by
friends: the wind that carries my flight

Lee’s Hidden Laughter

When I first met Lee a few weeks ago, he was quiet, homeless, in the sun. I sat with him, talked with him, listened to him, and kept going back to visit him. Up until this point, I wasn’t quite sure what the Holy Spirit was up to, but today, everything seemed a lot clearer in my heart.

When it was time for lunch, I grabbed my folding chair to be able to sit with Lee in the Park and asked the Holy Spirit which way to walk, but by the time I got outside, I had forgotten and walked a totally different way. My destination was the same though, so I kept on going. Continue reading

“The Beauty of Worship”

When my eyes are closed
I see more of Him
the vision of my heart
so clear

Burning through my soul
reminding me
of Your love
for me

He said, “The beauty of your worship
to Me fills heaven.
On earth, it looks different,
but in Heaven,
the beauty’s the same.”

Every Body Sings

Yesterday, Kyle took me to the symphony. I was honored: honored to be thought of, honored to be asked, honored to be with him. In talking with a volunteer, I learned that the theater has been there since 1928; the hotel and lobby have been built around it. It was beautiful, and the music played was outstanding.

During the concert, as I watched each artist, I noticed their body movement. Not only did they play the notes but also moved their bodies with the music differently. Continue reading

“My Dance with Jesus”

When the music begins
it warms my heart
and I think of the
way You love me

I unravel my flags
and lift them to fall
in the romance I have
with You

As the silk flutters
and flows through the air
I’m reminded of
how You see me:

Beautiful ~ untouched by the pains of this world
because I’m covered in Your love

Wholesome ~ a virgin of the heart waiting for love
purified by the flow of Your blood

Loving ~ becoming like You more and more
as I listen to the hearts that need You

What You’ve done in my life
pours through every move
and renews every moment
I dance:

in Your sight
through Your heart
in my mind

Watch me, LORD
Dance with me
Receive my honor and praise
for the way You
mold me into Your love
and release me to
change the world

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A Special One

Last weekend, during Activate, I was loving on people with a group in Carlsbad, and along our journey of love, we came across some artists, who had set up shop in a grassy area to display and sell their art. Have you ever encountered a moment when someone else’s passion touched a hidden part of your heart to where you KNEW it was from God? Let me take you to “my” moment. Continue reading

“Personal Paradise”

On the mountain
wind blowing freely
a view untouched

By the ocean
the sound of waves
crashing on the soul

In the forest
trees standing tall
praising heaven

In a meadow
the fragrance of flowers
the scent of Jesus

Places in my heart:
where God’s on the throne
where love becomes real
where dreams are destiny
where moments are lived