Lee’s Hidden Laughter

When I first met Lee a few weeks ago, he was quiet, homeless, in the sun. I sat with him, talked with him, listened to him, and kept going back to visit him. Up until this point, I wasn’t quite sure what the Holy Spirit was up to, but today, everything seemed a lot clearer in my heart.

When it was time for lunch, I grabbed my folding chair to be able to sit with Lee in the Park and asked the Holy Spirit which way to walk, but by the time I got outside, I had forgotten and walked a totally different way. My destination was the same though, so I kept on going.


As I approached the shaded area, I noticed that, this time, Lee had his friend, Mike, with him to join us for our forty-five minute visit, but they were both on the ground, which meant someone had probably taken Lee’s chair. Sure enough, he had left it behind somewhere, and by the time he noticed it was missing and went back for it, it was gone, so I joined them both on the ground.

This was my first time talking with Mike. I didn’t learn much personal stuff about him, but we all joined in every conversation. He really liked my flags, and they both were encouraging me about them, about whether to do a business or a non profit. They knew no matter what they said, in the end, I will follow God’s lead. And then, Lee started telling funny real-life stories.

It was hilarious! He would talk a little, come to a funny part, then crack up laughing. He kept doing it throughout every story. I didn’t realize it right away, but then it hit me: he was laughing!! Previously, I had wondered what had happened to his laugh. Now, I was wondering how he found it. I’m still unsure, but this is what my heart is telling me.


Many people probably walk up to Lee, hand him money, tell him about Jesus (maybe), and then go on, never to return. I had been wondering why God kept me going back. What could I do to help? I didn’t have a ton of money. I didn’t have a place for him to live. What did I have? …something money can’t buy.

I believe he’s been given joy. love, peace…over and over again. Lee has been saturated with Him through our friendship, through our conversation. He’s been learning to trust. He’s been accepted. He’s accepted me. He’s even brought Mike into it…probably hoping that he’ll be saturated, too. God is so amazing! I wonder how often we look for the “big” miracle and miss the simple one that’s before us. I love being love. Even for the picture, Mike said he doesn’t smile. I wonder how long THAT will last.

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