“Another Holiday”

Happy Easter, Everyone!!

a day I thought I’d be a mess
without my boys
but last week
something changed
I realized there’s someOne
so much more important
than my kids
and that One is God

and when I focus on Him
my emotions don’t go crazy
when I focus on Him
my circumstances seem small
when I focus on Him
I see He’s the same

no matter where my kids live
no matter how my marriage’s going
no matter what’s going on
no matter who’s in front of me
no matter when life takes a turn
He stays the same

and when I focus on Him
my purpose is steadfast


“Useful Thoughts”

there’s a hope that I’ve been looking for
that’s been all the time in me
not in any one
or any thing around me
but in me

no matter what I choose
I’ll always have hope

there’re many things in life
had I known
I would’ve done differently
but if I’d done them differently
would I still have what I know?

there’s no use thinking ‘what if’
because all that’s happened
has come to be
but there’s use in thinking of today
because that will form your future

if you want change
you have to change
and part of that
is making decisions

“E Motion Train”

there’s a certain
that enters in
the dread of life

not much emotion
but a lot of thought
creating ways to exist
through each day

there’re those
who see the light
be it ever so small
at the end of the tunnel

there’re most
who never enter the tunnel
crossing over the bridge
with the ones they love

and yet some
are deep in the tunnel
where darkness lies
in front of and behind them

but the train never worries
it has its own light

“Creating Love”


this picture decribes my marriage
the light you see is hope

I blindly fell in love with him from a distance
through God’s heart
so when I came to live with him face to face
my eyes were opened to see

we had nothing in common
nothing to talk about
he had no goals for the kids
and treated me unkind

so love wasn’t an issue
it just wasn’t there
yet I’m married
so I’m here

and the more I get to know him
how it hurts to be married
nothing in common
nothing to talk about

but I’m here

marriage counseling
and faith
are what I’m using

to create a love
that might last through the dark


songs that never have music
words that never have ears
hearts that never have connections
rain that never has fall

when things are missing
halves are broken
and sometimes things
remain the same

how do you break down walls
that are set in stone?

how do you see the heart
through wounded eyes?

how do you feel the warmth
from an icy bed?

there’s definitely
something missing
but when I look past my soul
everything’s found

a new hope of singing each song
a new vision of hearing words spoken
a new love of connecting the dots
and a new mouth
to catch all the rain

while darkness remains without hope
light lives on through love

More Than a Message

In AA, you share your experience, strength, and hope. Well, while I was in San Diego, celebrating my sobriety at a meeting, a woman came empty and left complete. Here’s what happened:

Yesterday morning (10/7), my friend, Jimbo, gave me my 11 year token, and as I was sharing, I talked about life, Jesus, and freedom from depression, and after I sat down, a woman approached me and asked if I’d pray for her after the meeting, so I did.

As we were talking, she said she wanted to know about my God, so I told her about Jesus, and guess what? Now, she KNOWS my God: she entered in to the heart of Jesus!!

You know, everyone has their own choice in which path to walk on, so I’m glad there’s freedom to share about what we believe, just in case anyone else’d like to follow.

Me, Jimbo, and my friend, Bill