Panic Mode

Yesterday was full of things to do: give Carolyn and Katie rides, continue with flags, straighten out the insurance stuff with the hospital, tend to my foot, etc., and often times, I expect myself to do everything, and when I don’t, I come down pretty hard on myself.

In giving the girls rides, I was expected to pick them up: Carolyn at nine at night and Katie at ten forty-five at night. Piece of cake, right?! Well, everything else in my day went pretty smoothly, but by the end of the night, I was tired and in pain.

When Nathan and I returned home from picking up Carolyn, it was time to change my bandage, so I set everything up. This time, after changing it, it hurt more than usual, so Carolyn suggested I lay down. I agreed because I had been tired and just wanted to sit up in bed and read with God. My phone was almost dead, so I left it charging in the living room.

Can you tell where this is going? Continue reading


“Dancing in the Rain”

there are times I feel the teardrops fall before I tell them no
it’s almost like hope leaks out
I think about failing
about not having rent
about support that’s there and not
then I think about the enemy laughing at my defeat
and I become empowered
I may not know what I’m doing but I know what I’m doing
Hope isn’t about money
or friends
or family
Hope is Jesus
and NEVER leaks out

one more day that the enemy lost and I’ll make flags from VICTORY

“Always More”

what if there was more to life
than shedding clothes for men
what if there was more to life
than selling her body
what if there was more to life
than what she saw in the mirror
what if there was more to life
than the traumatic visions of old
what if there was more to life
than having to be better than others
what if there was more to life
than money

there is
and His Name is Jesus

Convenience of Prayer

Lately, I’ve been invited by some friends to dance at a church in La Mesa, and I’ve been welcoming their invitation to worship. This past Sunday after church, Corrie and I were coming out of a 7-11 convenience store, laughing (as usual).

Without knowing, we almost dressed identical, so we were joking about how everything was the same: our outfits were the same, our waters were the same, our Jesus was the same…as we were giggling and displaying this, a young man joined in, lifted his ice coffee, and said, “Our coffee is the same!” Well, to me, that’s an invitation to talk, so I stopped. Continue reading

The Language of Coke

On Monday, so much went on, and each moment deserves its own story, but sometimes, there’s not a moment to write, or God has me to wait. This morning, He’s asked that I tell you about a hospital visit that happened that day.

To bring you up to speed…I had read about a woman friend of mine praying about having to make the decision to have her leg amputated below the knee or not. When I read that request to pray for her, I thought, “What a decision to have to make!”, and my heart just opened up for her, and I began to pray.

When you pray for someone, you grow closer to them, so over the weekend, I felt for this woman and told the kids I wanted to go visit her. Our Sunday ended up being packed full, so I told them I’d be going on Monday, and that’s what I did. Continue reading

“Growing Up”

teaching with authority
abolishing minds set on darkness
turning their attention to Light
explaining Kingdom Living through
exposing the lies
revealing the Truth
leaving an example to follow

becoming love
to look more like Him
embracing the world regardless
not to conform to it
to change it
with love
in love
through love
becoming love
looking more and more like

Swept Off My Feet

Yesterday was full of so much good and then some not so good, and throughout the entire day, God was writing through my heart. Actually, if you ever see me quiet, I’m probably writing on the inside. It happens a lot.

Have you ever been experiencing a difficult time in your life and heard the advice to read through “Job” in the bible? I’ll get back to that.

God had the day pretty well planned out: visit with a friend in the hospital; visit with Lee in the park; meeting a friend at my house; dropping off some paperwork for my son at practice; and then, the evening was open for making flags, so I thought, but after arriving at my sons’ practice, my time for flag making was, immediately, filled. Continue reading