Panic Mode

Yesterday was full of things to do: give Carolyn and Katie rides, continue with flags, straighten out the insurance stuff with the hospital, tend to my foot, etc., and often times, I expect myself to do everything, and when I don’t, I come down pretty hard on myself.

In giving the girls rides, I was expected to pick them up: Carolyn at nine at night and Katie at ten forty-five at night. Piece of cake, right?! Well, everything else in my day went pretty smoothly, but by the end of the night, I was tired and in pain.

When Nathan and I returned home from picking up Carolyn, it was time to change my bandage, so I set everything up. This time, after changing it, it hurt more than usual, so Carolyn suggested I lay down. I agreed because I had been tired and just wanted to sit up in bed and read with God. My phone was almost dead, so I left it charging in the living room.

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