the funny part isn’t
how fast I shut down
but for how long

I guess it’s really not that funny


“Life Support”

some people
need breath to laugh
but I
need laughter
to breathe

“Back to Square One”

throughout living
so many things change

and amidst the change
there’s growth
and amidst the growth
there’s pain
and amidst the pain
there’re tears
and amidst the tears
you may find a friend

but even friends
change with time

those close by
seem far away
those far away
seem close by
some acquaintances
become friends
some friends
become acquaintances
and through it all
I often find myself


in church

yes people are there
and some become friends
but as I walk to each path
I’m alone

I KNOW God is with me
but even HE said
it’s not good
for “man” to be alone
yet HE was there

so as I drive to AA
as I visit different churches
and in certain conversations
I’m alone

I get turned around but never lost
it seems heavy but always light
I get weary but grab hold
of the ONE Who never changes
and someday
I won’t be


“Step by Step”

[written 10/29/16]

the road of recovery
is rest in the unknown
becoming who you are
forgetting who you were

when traveled alone
every inch
feels like a mile

but with friends
all of a sudden
you turn around
and realize you’ve walked
a marathon


over time I’ve learned
if someone hurts me
over and over again
I guard my heart
with an iron wall

so what if that someone
decides to change
will their niceness
even make it
over the wall

in turning the other cheek
over and over again
you end up shaking your head

Close Connections

Sometimes, it’s easier praying for strangers than for people you know because when it’s people you know, you tend to want to ‘help God out’ by praying for what you “think” they need. Well, that happens to “me,” sometimes, and yesterday, something happened that made me wonder. Continue reading

“The Real Deal”

happiness is a state of mind
and the only state i wanna live in

i can’t fake being happy
i can’t fake being sad
what you see is what you get
but i DO have a goal
to be more

i wanna be happy ALL the time
no matter what the circumstance
unless tragedy strikes of course

some say that’s impossible
but I say they’re wrong

from inside God’s heart
ALL things are possible
and looking inside God’s heart
there’s nothing to be unhappy about

making decisions creates a reality
and the way i react to that reality
can make a difference in the world
either good or bad