“The Unmentionable”

it’s a terrible thing
to be in a marriage
and feel alone

how could invisible walls
be so concrete
how could silence
last so long

when one budges
the other moves away
and when the other budges
the one moves away

is there a solution worth hearing
is there advice worth listening to

do the days
turn into years
do the moments
become a lifetime

every time I stretch to jump
the hurdle gets higher
every time I give up
the water rises

and as each of my kids
jump onto a boat
I’m left behind


in marriage (and relationships)

if you’re on a different page
communication’s muddled

if you’re in a different chapter
you’ll feel miles apart

if you’re in a different book
well that’s another story

“Solitary Confinement”

it’s so easy to say
THIS is why I feel like I do
THIS is what someone did
not realizing
it’s the enemy
planning offense to be taken
so you’ll walk away

from family
from friends
from self
from God

dividing what’s become
into isolation
creating an army
because he doesn’t HAVE one
of his own

there’s much more good than evil
but YOU decide which to focus on