Close Connections

Sometimes, it’s easier praying for strangers than for people you know because when it’s people you know, you tend to want to ‘help God out’ by praying for what you “think” they need. Well, that happens to “me,” sometimes, and yesterday, something happened that made me wonder. Continue reading

“The Real Deal”

happiness is a state of mind
and the only state i wanna live in

i can’t fake being happy
i can’t fake being sad
what you see is what you get
but i DO have a goal
to be more

i wanna be happy ALL the time
no matter what the circumstance
unless tragedy strikes of course

some say that’s impossible
but I say they’re wrong

from inside God’s heart
ALL things are possible
and looking inside God’s heart
there’s nothing to be unhappy about

making decisions creates a reality
and the way i react to that reality
can make a difference in the world
either good or bad


in having friends
you need to BE a friend

back when I was using drugs
a “connection” was my supplier
NOW it’s an invisible cord
woven together through conversations
while getting to know people

face to face
through text
and over the phone

there’s a difference between
knowing someone
and being known
and being known
takes conversation