“Richness Within”

my steps led me Here

a life
not to be measured
by the world

how could having nothing
feel like everything
and having everything
feel like nothing

starting over again
with everything

and having nothing

comparison destroys

having beautiful kids
a loving heart
a good good Father
and faith
will carry me through
each new step


there’re some times
when I just feel damaged
I know it’s not true
that’s why I call it a feeling
but man
does it catch me offguard
and cause so many tears

who was I?
who am I?
is who I am caused by who I was?
is who I was covered by who I am?

listen to when I say
these are just moments
but as I was praying through this one
I felt called to write

since God hasn’t blessed me with NO memory
I’m stuck to deal with what comes my way
and this morning
as it was coming my way
I asked someone from my past
what was I like?
because honestly
I don’t remember much good

what comfort it brought me
to hear some good
but at the same time
I still felt damaged
but that’s when I trust
His word to wash my mind
as my tears wash my face

“Dream Chaser”

they come and go in the night
and seem lost in the day

how does one hold onto their dream?
but where does that come from?
other people

but what if
those other people
are only focused on THEIR dreams

well then it stops

and that’s where each person’s left
to support their own dream
and that’s where passion fades
and competition rises

“A Song” or the beginning of one

through it all
You never lost my vision
through it all
You never left my side
through it all
You welcomed each beginning
through it all
You held my hand inside

how close is Your love
how strong is Your friendship
how bold is Your faith
to believe in me

how weak are my endings
how fragile is each beginning
but every step
You’re here with me

holding on
to everything You’ve done
holding on
to everything You’ve said
holding on
to truths I cannot see
holding on
to You who’s holding me

“Response Ability”

throughout life
you’ll encounter people
who may not know who they are
and as they speak to you
they’ll tear you down
with words looks and actions
but if you live your life through God’s heart
even as they tear you down
He’ll be rebuilding

it’s who He is
it’s what He does

and in every moment of pain
you’ll have the chance to decide
will you react in fear
or will you respond in love


the further I got away from writing
the louder doubt became that I’m even able to write
is there anything in my heart that needs hearing?
is it just another voice to drown out what’s real?
doubt has a cunning way of forming questions
and answers
but the secret in coming against it
is to have faith
because THAT will get you past all fear

“War Games”

you can feel whole alone
but as soon as you enter relationship
you’ll find there’re some things you “need”
from the other person

it seems to be
the way God created it to work

if you’ve spent a lot of time alone
it may be hard to identify
if you’re full of pride
it may be very hard to accept

but it’s a give and take
not a tug of war