I don’t have a title for this.

Today, I’m going to do something a little different.

Yesterday, during Nathan’s football practice, I walked around the school and talked on the phone with Kyle.

Man, I miss him, but even more so, I miss “us:” seeing his face; watching him smile; hearing him chuckle; going to the movies; etc. For the most part, during our conversation, I kept it together, only crying without him noticing, but when it came to saying goodbye, I lost it. Continue reading


I’ve traveled beyond
where I’ve gone
fast forwarding to know
Your Will

not waiting for Your lead
not balancing in Your light
but tripping in the field

as I close my eyes
and open my heart
I see Love
all the way through

“Horizontal Leaps”

to know You
is to love You
every breath of doubt
every thought of doom
every shadow of sadness
won’t stand up
to You

as I’ve trusted before
I trust again
the calling
the plans
the dance
of my life
now teach me to trust


“Mixing the Well”

I’m excited about talking
with other people
about God

I’m excited to dance
with other women
with flags

I’m excited to visit
more churches
in the area

I’m excited to meet
more people
everywhere I go

God leaves the ninety-nine
to go after the one

but maybe sometimes
the one
should go after the ninety-nine