The Quarterback

Last week, Nathan was able to join the football team and played two games. The way it works here…practice Mondays and Wednesdays…games Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well, on Thursday, Nathan got a touchdown, but it wasn’t a “smooth” one.

At first, he bobbled the ball but was able to hold onto it and juked past the defense for a touchdown. Of course, I didn’t get it on video but recorded it in my mind, and as the memory made it’s way to my heart, God spoke to it.

It was the next day, and as we were driving along, the thought came to me: what has God passed you lately…not just me but everyone?

Being married…moving to Texas…at first, I bobbled the ball but was able to hold onto it, and after “juking” some darkness…made a touchdown.

Now, I’m back in line, ready for His next pass!