Raiders Win!

A couple weeks ago, I was really depressed and had to get OUT and find my way around, so I went for a drive through town. That’s when I realized how knowing your way around a new place will help you acclimate, and on that journey through direction, I bought a raffle ticket.

I was coming out of Walmart, and a little girl approached me to buy a $1.00 raffle ticket. It was to raise money for her softball team. She was SO cute, so I looked in my purse for a dollar and handed it to her.

After I wrote my contact info down, I reached into my purse and handed her a five dollar bill and said, “I don’t want any tickets for this. This is for all the “nos” you might get.”” She said, “Thank you” and smiled. Well, I won that raffle.

Yesterday, I received a call proclaiming me the winner and met with a woman to pick up my prize: a 4th of July wreath with thirty scratchers on it! So, I’ve officially won my first raffle in Texas and the prize was a wreath of my favorite holiday.


“Original Soundtracks”

this place

to fall in love with it
would have to be from birth
because coming from San Diego
you KNOW what you’re missing

I miss seeing the wind
blow through the trees
and hearing the leaves
dance to its rhythm

here it’s too hot
and too humid
to open the doors
to open the windows

so as you watch the trees blow
you hear the music of the house

the water filter dripping
the hum of the fan
the ice maker clunking
Scott sweeping the room

the noise of this world
can never replace
the beautiful sounds
of nature