“Feeling the Cracks”

I feel like
when two become one
there’s a melding that “each one” does
to fit together

that’s not what’s happening

I feel like
I’m being broken apart
in tiny little pieces
to fit in “his” mold

The Light Switch

My writing may be a little dark for awhile because I feel like I’m in a dark place. That’s part of the reason why I haven’t been writing. The other part was I couldn’t find my laptop in the trailer, where my life just sits, waiting to enter in to this new life I’m living (if you want to call it “living”).

One thing’s for sure: writing helps me A LOT. It’s just…now…I’m not the only book on the shelf to be opened.

“Set Up”

why didn’t I get to choose
from my mind
from my heart
why was it from God’s heart

I feel cheated

living in Texas
no friends
no laughter


it’s my