“Mixing the Well”

I’m excited about talking
with other people
about God

I’m excited to dance
with other women
with flags

I’m excited to visit
more churches
in the area

I’m excited to meet
more people
everywhere I go

God leaves the ninety-nine
to go after the one

but maybe sometimes
the one
should go after the ninety-nine

A Stroll in God’s Park

In the beginning, when I’d had it planned to move out here to Texas, I wasn’t interested in finding a church right away, but because of the difficult times during packing and the drive, I KNEW I needed to find like-minded people to be around and knew I’d be needing a church.

During that first week in Harlingen, I’d been SO close to sinking into a dark depression and knew I was in trouble, if I didn’t get out and about, so right away, I began going to church. Continue reading