A Stroll in God’s Park

In the beginning, when I’d had it planned to move out here to Texas, I wasn’t interested in finding a church right away, but because of the difficult times during packing and the drive, I KNEW I needed to find like-minded people to be around and knew I’d be needing a church.

During that first week in Harlingen, I’d been SO close to sinking into a dark depression and knew I was in trouble, if I didn’t get out and about, so right away, I began going to church.

It’s been three weeks, and I’ve gone to three different churches, and I’m still not done following the Holy Spirit’s lead on where to go.

Even in San Diego, I’d been going wherever God’d called me: whether it’d been for dancing, for fellowship, for support, etc. There wasn’t just “one” church. He’d taught me so much about BEing the church and how it wasn’t only found in a building, and last night, was another example of that.

But before I tell you about my adventure last night, let me tell you about church yesterday morning.

At every church I’ve gone to, I’ve shared about my desire to dance with flags, and Saturday evening, I’d had the thought of finding different worship teams and asking if I could dance while they rehearsed, so at church yesterday, that’s what I ended up asking.

Instantly, they took down my information and said that a woman had inquired about wanting to start up a worship flag ministry, but wait, it gets better!

After dinner last night, Scott, Carolyn, Nathan, and I went for a walk. You could tell (by their attitudes) the kids were done before we started, so we made the walk short and headed back, and after we “dropped them off” at home, Scott and I continued walking.

When we were a block away from returning home, we saw a woman taking out her trash. At that moment, she said hi and asked us how we were doing. We said hi back, and I mentioned to Scott how nice that was of her to do that, and then I thought, “Why not tell HER that,” so I did.

We ended up talking there forever; it was such a God-thing! In getting to know each other better, I found out what church she went to, how her sister dancing with worship flags, about worship flags in the area, what she did for a living, etc. It was AMAZING!

Just like that, I’d made another friend, and just like that, God connected me with another woman who loves to dance with flags. I asked her to save me a seat on Sunday because I plan on visiting her church this Sunday (which, by the way, is the same church as my friend who’d invited us bowling).

You know, I started going to church because I didn’t want to slip further into darkness, and I started walking to get used to the weather (and to get in shape), and I started talking with people because that just ends up happening, and all of it has been orchestrated by God.

Maybe the tunnel’s only as long as you make it. I’m not sure, but I finally see light at the end of mine.

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