A Stroll in God’s Park

In the beginning, when I’d had it planned to move out here to Texas, I wasn’t interested in finding a church right away, but because of the difficult times during packing and the drive, I KNEW I needed to find like-minded people to be around and knew I’d be needing a church.

During that first week in Harlingen, I’d been SO close to sinking into a dark depression and knew I was in trouble, if I didn’t get out and about, so right away, I began going to church. Continue reading


do you know what an honor it is
to be Scott’s wife?
what a privilege to be one
unto death?

a covenant
a lifetime of one

words swim in my heart
amongst the tears
as to what this means
to me
to God
to Scott

oh what a blessing
to be awake
to be alive
to love well

“Full Circle”

when I think about it
I’m in awe

if only you knew
how many times I said “never”
if only you knew
how I walked the other way
if only you knew
how long he waited
how long he hoped

if only…
you’d understand wholly
what beauty exists
in our love

“The Perfect Wedding”

I didn’t need a dress
or an aisle to
into the future
God’s planned for me

I didn’t need permission
or counseling to
God’s will for my
life with you forevermore

I didn’t need a ring
or vows written
in my heart’s
the truth of our love

all I needed was God
telling me to
into your arms
where He’s writing the rest

From Never to Forever


The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy and, at different times, has reeked havoc in my family, but yesterday, some of his plans were abolished.

Twenty-two years ago, I served my ex-husband divorce papers and declared I’d never go back to him.

Over the years, we remained friends, and he never stopped loving me. I, on the other hand, continued down many different roads, and most of them were dark, and down every road, he remained my friend.

He never dated, never had a girlfriend, never “moved on.” Continue reading

“Change of Scenery”

I’ve found what I was waiting for
right in front of me

I wonder how often that happens

to look for something
in plain sight
to search for something
you step over
to reach for something
in your hand

God’s been teaching me
through struggle
and revealing Himself
through love

Disney had it wrong
church is something different
but straight from God
won’t be denied

friendship in love
love in friendship

simply given
complicated to receive

so many questions of
should I
if I
what about

but none of them trump
what He says
none of it disguises
His desire in my heart

love is a choice
choosing to love is an option