“Soaking in the Midst”

in the middle of the world
what it’s become
soaking in His Presence
enjoying His Love
trusting His Judgment
receiving His Forgiveness
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A Father’s Presence

Since Scott’s been staying with us, the past few days have been really nice. Kyle and Katie aren’t able to see their daddy that often, so when he comes to town, we make sure to spend as much time together as a family as possible. It is so fun to watch all of them interact, but last night, it was particular fun to listen to Kyle and Katie.

We’re all in the living room/kitchen/dining room area, and Kyle and Katie were closer to the kitchen, chatting, planning, scheming about Disneyland. They’re close anyway, but when their father’s in town, they seem closer, happier, more sure of themselves, and I woke up this morning with a revelation: of course they’re more like themselves; they’re in the presence of their father! And then God began to reveal to me how all HIS kids act, when they’re in His Presence. Continue reading

Bus Ride with God

This morning, I went out to the fair to dance with my flags and went home shortly after. I’m thoroughly convinced that God will use everyone right where they’re at: He was moving through people in worship; He was moving through people who were praying afterward; He was moving through me on the bus. Continue reading