When God Writes

The other day, I read one of my poems to Lee, and it made me cry. I told him, “I WROTE this, and it’s making me cry!” It blew me away, but that has happened in the past. I’ll be proofreading and will cry, laugh, etc. It’s funny. But the other day, I was sharing this with someone, and their response wasn’t so funny.

After telling this person how the poem made me cry, he said, “That’s because God wrote it.” That’s a common response, and I don’t agree with it. Continue reading

Social Media Confidence

As I’m quiet with God about what to write about, He mentions this, and I begin to cry. Great! I have a feeling I’m about to be more real than I’d like, but when God says, “Write,” I write, so here we go.

Social Media: when you have your own business, online networking is a must. When I follow God’s voice, I often think piece-of-cake, until I’m involved in it, and it gets rough, and I’m finding that social media marketing has a darker side than I thought.

At times, I wish there wasn’t a “like” button or a “follow” button Continue reading