Class of Beauty

Recently, I came across this picture of two young ladies being sent off to prom. Do you notice anything different about them? Well, as I’ve been seeing a lot of prom pictures, I’m surprised they even let girls wear some of the stuff they wear. They show so much skin, but these two young ladies are completely covered and completely gorgeous!11334127_10205278276730688_1059958614798550353_o

I remember, not so much in high school but in my dancing days, showing as much skin as possible. I thought, “The more I show, the more chance you’ll want me.” I’m not sure if that’s the case with teenagers, but it sure is sad how little clothing they wear, even to prom.

I asked my friend if I could share this picture because my privacy setting is on “public,” so there’s that chance that a lot of people would see it. I’m so glad she let me because I want everyone to see the beauty of class, the beauty of covering up, the beauty of modesty. It’s striking and rare and a real jewel in God’s crown.

Wouldn’t it be neat if a picture like THIS went viral?!