“Chains are Falling”

keys to the Kingdom
the Kingdom is here
chains need to come off

chains have locks
locks have keyholes
to be opened by keys

keys make me think of doors
but as I live my life
I realize I have keys

to open chains

chains of addiction
chains of pornography
chains of promiscuity
chains of rejection
chains of religion
chains of sin
chains of unworthiness
chains of unforgiveness

that need to be opened
with the keys
of victory lived


The Ultimate ‘Laugh Out Loud’

Yesterday, as I was working on flags, I used the earphones that came with my iPhone and listened to Graham Cooke speaking over me the things God was telling him…talk about POWERFUL! Recently, I saw the movie “John Wick” and mentioned how I’d like to be like HIM in the spiritual realm. While listening to this word, that’s how I felt. Continue reading