Divine Friendship

Yesterday was a busy day: emergency room in the morning, lunch in the park with Lee, caring for Nathan, and meeting a friend at UTC mall to catch up a little, but little did we know, our catching up had a purpose in heaven, and the encounter must’ve scared the enemy back to hell.

Chris and I had a plan to meet at the mall to talk about Kingdom living, but what we had planned was totally different than what heaven was brewing. When we searched for a place to sit, the only shaded area was next to a woman, who was about to leave, so we sat next to her (thinking we were taking her spot) and ended up getting to know her for over two hours. It was amazing! Continue reading

Passing the Test

Last week, I had gone to the park to surprise Lee, and boy, was he surprised! As I walked up, he was reading, so his head was down, and when I said my usual, “Hi, Lee!”, his whole body smiled. He was so happy. Well, yesterday, he was surprised with another visit, but this time, Barry went down there, too.

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