“When the Heart Sees”

the battle’s been won
the victory’s mine

the past died on the cross
being abused died on the cross
addiction died on the cross
my reflection is brand new
my heart’s been made perfect by Him
my beauty’s released through my heart
the dance isn’t dirty
the family resemblance is of Jesus
every promise is True

the battle’s been won
the victory’s mine
the new me lives
with a reflection of beauty

“What the Mind Sees”

I just saw a video of me flagging
and don’t see what you see


I saw
fat arms
flat hair

and didn’t see much beauty


still growing
still believing

wanting to see what you see
all the time

You Are Beautiful

“You are beautiful:” those are the words I heard over and over again last night. As I was flagging at Straight Up Worship, Krissi came up and told me how beautiful I was. She just kept saying, “You are beautiful” and wasn’t quite sure why those were the only words she could say. I began to cry and told her, “Because those are the words I need to hear the most,” and God knew that, and even with all those words of beauty spoken over me, this morning, I saw myself as ugly.
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