Divine Friendship

Yesterday was a busy day: emergency room in the morning, lunch in the park with Lee, caring for Nathan, and meeting a friend at UTC mall to catch up a little, but little did we know, our catching up had a purpose in heaven, and the encounter must’ve scared the enemy back to hell.

Chris and I had a plan to meet at the mall to talk about Kingdom living, but what we had planned was totally different than what heaven was brewing. When we searched for a place to sit, the only shaded area was next to a woman, who was about to leave, so we sat next to her (thinking we were taking her spot) and ended up getting to know her for over two hours. It was amazing!

I won’t mention her name to honor her privacy, but I will mention that our divine meeting included prayer, ambushing the enemy, blessings, and making a friend. It was one of those times when ministry just happens, and as surprising as it was, it wasn’t surprising at all.

Throughout the conversation, we all shared parts of our testimonies, our jobs, our hearts and minds, and Kingdom living. It was just like the other day: some people don’t have anyone to talk to about Jesus, and at the scent of His Name, freedom’s released into the soul. It was so amazing to meet this woman.

Every heart has a voice, and this woman has a voice that needs to be heard.

The best part about ministry is finding out how the enemy’s lying and revealing the truth for that person to believe. Ministry isn’t all about finding the lost, healing the sick, saving the soul; although, making a friend sometimes saves the soul. Ministry is about loving people…ALL people. Jesus loved the world: lost, sick, disciples…the world: meaning everyone in it. Yesterday, Chris and I made a friend, and we look forward to embracing her into this community of One.

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