Passing the Test

Last week, I had gone to the park to surprise Lee, and boy, was he surprised! As I walked up, he was reading, so his head was down, and when I said my usual, “Hi, Lee!”, his whole body smiled. He was so happy. Well, yesterday, he was surprised with another visit, but this time, Barry went down there, too.

When I had arrived, Barry and Lee were each in a chair in the shade, so I grabbed a chair out of the trunk and headed over. It was so good to sit and chat with these two men! Barry brought the drinks, so in-between the two rested a cooler full of Cokes and waters. I brought the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It was a really good time…time without limit…time without having to run back to clock into work…time for just visiting.

IMG_0079I had told Lee I had a test for him and showed him a picture of the front of an old car to have him guess the year. He guessed the year and make right away. I explained how my friend owned the car and was going to give him a ride in it. He was so happy. This visit was like a picnic visit: all of us in the shade, chairs, sandwiches, cooler. I KNOW it felt “normal” to him. At one point, Barry had to go to work (ha ha Barry), so Lee and I just hung out…just like old times.

We talked about how life working from home seems pretty busy. I brought him up to speed with the kids, and he gave me some pointers on how to balance work and being a mom. It was just so nice. He understands why I can’t visit all the time but sure appreciates it when I do!

It’s funny: last week, some man stopped by to say hi to Lee and asked him where the woman was that used to come eat lunch with him every day. Okay, that’s funny AND creepy, but at least people are noticing I’m absent and are picking up the slack. God is so good at fulfilling desires of one’s heart!

Meeting face-to-face keeps friendships alive…active. Sometimes, social media pulls us away from that face-to-face reason to meet. Shortly after this lunchtime gathering of friends, a friend and I made a NEW friend at the mall, but that story’s for another time. Loneliness drives people into isolation. It’s good to have friends and to be a friend.

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