A Community Refugee

Every community has different groups of people, and some of these groups of people form their own community. This morning, I’m going to share with you a little bit about the homeless community in Balboa Park.

As most of you know, I have a homeless friend named Lee, whom I met in the park in March of last year. In the time I’ve known him, he’s NEVER called me. Our friendship’s consisted of us spending time together, whenever I had the chance to stop by, and on many of those visits, I’d bring him home with me for days at a time. Well, some have been watching. Continue reading

Enabling: give someone the authority or means to do something (allow, equip, empower, make able)

Okay, this post will make me cry. How do I know? I’ve already started.

Some of you were blessed to meet Lee on Saturday. Some of you had no idea who he was. Well, Lee’s my homeless friend from Balboa Park.

Over a year ago, God led me to where Lee’d been staying in the park. We became friends, and as the Holy Spirit led, I’d visit Lee, and, eventually, invited him into my home (at times), so throughout the year, we’ve become even closer friends.

When he’d come over, he’d shower (forever); I’d wash his clothes, and he’d eat and rest for his next bout outside. After he heard I was moving to Texas, he began to stay for longer visits.

Since February, he’s stayed with us three times, and two of those times were for over a week. On April 14th, after being here the second time for a week, he spoke to me about a change he was going through. Continue reading

Strength of Love

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you’d know how time consuming these past few weeks have been, with my ex-husband in town. It took me over a day to recover and almost a week to catch up on flag making. (I’m still not caught up!) During this time, I also haven’t gone to see Lee in the park, and yesterday, God prompted me to do so.

There was a part of me that didn’t know how he would react to my visit, since I’ve been so busy with family and the business, but nothing stops me (normally) from following God’s voice, so regardless of how I “felt,” I took him some lunch. Continue reading

Surprising Lee

On Wednesday, I went to the park to snatch up Lee, let him shower, and take him to an old car show, but he was nowhere to be found, so yesterday, I stopped by for a visit and caught him off-guard.

When I pulled up, he was resting on his “cart” of bags, sleeping. I gently sat next to him, so when he lifted his head, he was pleasantly surprised. The night before, he hadn’t slept very well because the cops showed up super early and chased him away Continue reading

Passing the Test

Last week, I had gone to the park to surprise Lee, and boy, was he surprised! As I walked up, he was reading, so his head was down, and when I said my usual, “Hi, Lee!”, his whole body smiled. He was so happy. Well, yesterday, he was surprised with another visit, but this time, Barry went down there, too.

Continue reading

Nowhere in Sight

Yesterday, I was a little excited to see Lee because I bought those fruit slice jelly candies for us to share. Those are always super yummy, and I hadn’t bought them for us before, so I looked forward to seeing his reaction. Some of his reactions to food are priceless. As I walked closer to the statues, he was nowhere to be found…odd.

I set the bag down for a moment and waited, but he wasn’t in view anywhere. Since it had been a little cloudy, I thought maybe he stayed on the other side to stay out of the possible rain. When I reached where he sleeps at the museums, he was nowhere in sight, so back over the bridge I went. I was hoping maybe he was in the restroom or something. When I arrived back at the statues, he was nowhere to be found, so I called a friend.

Immediately, Barry prayed. We lifted Lee up because Continue reading