Can One Person Make a Difference?

“San Diego won’t be the same without you,” he said, as he looked out the window on our way home from church. It blew my mind!

How could a city be different without ONE person?! Well, Lee seems to think it will be.

After a crazy busy morning, I went to Balboa Park to pick up Lee. On Sunday, I’d told him I’d be back to pick him up for church. He’s pretty “against” attending a church but loves the dinner/bible study they have at Calvary Chapel in La Mesa every Wednesday.

During the evening, a friend wondered how Lee’d get there after I leave. To be honest, I’m not sure he’d “want” to go, after I leave.

Lee and I have become such close friends…family. As of today, we’ve officially known each other three hundred and sixty five days. To me, that’s amazing! I’ve never become friends with a homeless person like this; it’s taught me so much.

On our way home from church, we talked about a couple things, and one of those things was my attitude towards cancer, and then all of a sudden, he remembered something.

He said, “Just from being around you…I’ve used that on my own issues. Last year, when I fell, I think I cracked a rib or something. It hurt tremendously. One night, in my sleeping bag, I thought about things you’d said about prayer and laid my hand on my rib and commanded the pain to leave in Jesus’ Name, and it left. I kept forgetting to tell you but wanted you to know. Every time it’d hurt, I’d do that, and the pain would leave.”

When I’d first met Lee, he didn’t believe in all that healing stuff. Now, he KNOWS God healed his rib and other things.

It was right after that that he started talking about how San Diego wouldn’t be the same without me and how he was going to miss me and the kids terribly. He wouldn’t even say it in my direction; he just stared out the window.

I’m going to miss him. Even now, I’m crying. I never knew loving so well could hurt so much. When you love well, a bond (a very strong bond) is formed.

With most people, that bond will stay in tact through the internet, but with Lee – no cell phone, no websites, no address – it may be difficult.

We’ve vowed to keep in contact through writing letters (remember those?), and I hope we stick to our word with that. We’ve talked about me leaving quite a few times, and to tell you the truth, he may not stay here either, but that’s a secret, until he decides the direction he feels God having him take.

He’s still here; he spent the night. Today, I’m hoping to be able to surprise him with an anniversary lunch somewhere, to celebrate our friendship.

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