what is ‘being a good parent’?

does it mean
your kids aren’t having sex
does it mean
they never say bad words
does it mean
they never quit at what they do

does it mean
they go to church every week
and read the bible
does it mean
they put others down
who aren’t measuring up

maybe ‘being a good parent’
has nothing to do
with what your kids choose to do

maybe ‘being a good parent’
means you love your kids WELL
through God’s heart
no matter what they do

one question
many answers

Church in the Park

On Saturday, a friend had visited Lee and found out he’d taken a fall, hurt himself, but was okay. I knew I’d wanted to go see him but didn’t know when.

During December, I was sick most of the time and knew visiting Lee was out of the question because getting sick was the LAST thing he needed, so I kept my distance but always kept him in prayer.

When I “did” feel better, I just didn’t make the time to make the drive to Balboa Park, but once I found out about him recovering from a fall, I felt an urgency to see him. Continue reading

JC’s Girls at the Rock

I lead a ministry at the Rock Church in San Diego called “JC’s Girls,” and we go to strip clubs and porn conventions and love on the ladies, and beyond that, we live our lives through God’s heart. Every day…reaching out.

What Our Ministry is About

As a leader, I’ve been loved, supported, prayed for, judged, talked about, challenged…there’s probably more, but thank God…I only care what He thinks, so I’m going to pour out my heart for a moment.

Continue reading