JC’s Girls at the Rock

I lead a ministry at the Rock Church in San Diego called “JC’s Girls,” and we go to strip clubs and porn conventions and love on the ladies, and beyond that, we live our lives through God’s heart. Every day…reaching out.

What Our Ministry is About

As a leader, I’ve been loved, supported, prayed for, judged, talked about, challenged…there’s probably more, but thank God…I only care what He thinks, so I’m going to pour out my heart for a moment.

The past four outreaches we have been on have resulted in closed doors: the clubs we’ve gone to would not let us in and would not let us leave any gifts, and that’s okay. Our ministry isn’t based on our outreaches. Our ministry is based on Jesus Christ. That’s why it’s called “JC’s Girls:” we’re not ministers of the bible study; we’re not ministers of the Rock Church; we’re ministers of Jesus Christ, and that goes BEYOND the clubs.

The best way to describe our ministry is to describe my day. In about twenty minutes, I will head to an AA meeting. After that, I will watch my youngest son play flag football, while my oldest son coaches. Then, I’ll be making worship flags that have been ordered, while I hang out with the kids. In the evening, I’ll be heading to Ramona for a worship event.

Here’s the ministry part.

While at the AA meeting, I will listen to broken hearts, and after the meeting, people usually approach me for prayer because they know Who I believe in.

While I’m at the football game, I’ll get to know the other parents, listen to their hearts, share mine, and look for the opportunity to pray for them.

While I make my flags, I meditate on Who God has formed me to be, while remembering where He’s brought me from. Usually, when I make flags, I cry because it’s a visual expression of the purity of my heart. I no longer strip, sell my body, sleep around; now, I dance with worship flags for my Husband in heaven.

At the worship event, I will build relationships with other believers and watch God’s army grow. I will worship with all my heart and intercede for anyone who needs it: my kids, my friends, any enemies, dancers, porn stars, strangers…the world.

As I lay my head down with my kids, I will enjoy their life, their breath, their trust in me because they know I trust in God. My first ministry is being a mother, and I am so grateful that I am a good one.

THAT’s what our ministry is about. We live life through God’s heart and look for the divine opportunities He sets before us. He’s always working in the clubs, in the bible study, in our lives. If a club won’t let us in, I believe God will do some work on the inside through someone else.

If anyone has an issue with the leadership of JC’s Girls, bring it up with God. He’s the one Who formed me, watched me, chose me, molded me, and called me to be a leader, and I do my best to follow His lead, listen to His voice, and become love, so I am able to love like Him.

If you want to judge the ministry, the girls, the way things are run, stay home. If you want to challenge us in any way, stay home.

If you need a group of women to walk through life with, come. If you have a broken heart and want to be mended with love, come. If you are in the industry, come. If you’re not in the industry, come. And come expecting because God has a habit of doing the miraculous.


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