My Buffet Adventure with Lee

It’s funny: I thought today was Lee’s and my anniversary of becoming friends, but it was, actually, yesterday, so I’m glad I took him to dinner last night.

Awhile ago, I’d taken him to “Hometown Buffet,” just so he could eat as much as he wanted to. He often talks about being homeless as feast-or-famine because he’s never really sure when he’ll be given food, so I’d wanted him to be able to fill himself up to the max!

After that dinner, he’d mentioned a really good Asian buffet he’d been to before, but couldn’t remember the name of it and only knew how to get there by bus. He thought it was in the city of Linda Vista. Well, I knew where THAT was at, so I’d hoped to find it for him someday, and last night turned out to be that someday.

I took him to the beginning (or end) of Linda Vista Rd (off Morena) and hoped he’d recognize something, as I drove along. As we made our way through the city on that road, nothing looked familiar to him, and then, all of a sudden, he said, “I’ve seen this from the bus,” so I KNEW we were on the right track.

At one point, we saw a bus and followed it, but it went a different route, so we headed back to the main road.

He’d remembered a “Burger King” and “Carl’s Jr” really close to the restaurant, so I googled the closest locations, and we finally found it!

It was so hilarious because he told me it was an unusual name for a place; that’s why he couldn’t remember the name. Turned out, it was called “Sunshine Buffet.” I HAD to laugh at him about that!

He was SO happy we found it, and we enjoyed a really nice meal together, and since “yesterday” was our anniversary, I’m super happy we went last night!

This was the first picture I took with Lee. It was taken on March 11, 2015.

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