“Two Choices”

one Man
in power
one cross

poured out
in dying

lived out
in rising

a life
to receive

so many
turn away

one Love
to become
and win


“Remote Control”

when you’re complete with God’s love
nothing else’s needed
when you know who you are
the mirror’s your friend

this move’s been a battle
that I’ve taken personally
but it’s not against “me”
it’s to tear down the Kingdom

but that’s not happening
not today
not tomorrow
not on MY watch

before I’m a mother
before I’m a wife
before I’m a friend
I’m a mighty woman of god

and this mighty woman
plans on winning every battle
because the Joy of the Lord
is my Strength

Sowing Seeds at the Porn Convention

How do you put into words what went on at the porn convention? You can’t. How do you understand through a picture? You can’t, so if you really want to know about this weekend, ask God to explain what you read and see.

13177803_10206817559097157_602496495330420447_n (2)
This was the team for this year’s porn convention: (from left to right) Erik, Sheri, David, Janel, and me. May 14-15, 2016

Through each one of us on the team, so much went on, but to explain it’d be a challenge because, sometimes, it’s hard to put the heart into words, but from time to time, I’ll attempt to show you parts of mine. Continue reading

“Straight Up”

[written on 5/8/16]

sometimes people say
they’re going through a process
to justify their behavior
that doesn’t resemble Christ

sometimes people hold on
to their bad habits
to balance them
as if Jesus wasn’t enough

sometimes people water down
the Truth
so what they’re doing
looks good in Him

I’ve been ALL these people
blinded in the church

if you take offense
that’s YOUR choice
this doesn’t speak of all
just some

I’m no longer a “weak” believer

I no longer sing ‘when I fall’
but ‘if’

I no longer sing ‘bound to sin’
I’ve been freed

I no longer sing ‘when I’m dry’
living waters flow through me

I no longer say ‘I’ll never be perfect’
because Jesus tells me to be
so I grow

hearing leads to listening
listening leads to believing
believing leads to following
following leads to becoming
becoming is freedom