Church in the Park

On Saturday, a friend had visited Lee and found out he’d taken a fall, hurt himself, but was okay. I knew I’d wanted to go see him but didn’t know when.

During December, I was sick most of the time and knew visiting Lee was out of the question because getting sick was the LAST thing he needed, so I kept my distance but always kept him in prayer.

When I “did” feel better, I just didn’t make the time to make the drive to Balboa Park, but once I found out about him recovering from a fall, I felt an urgency to see him.

On Sunday morning, I’d planned to go to church, but as I sat there with God, I decided to take church to Lee instead.

When he saw me approaching, he was so happy. He’d been sitting with his friend, Tommy, so I sat in between them.

Tommy’s a Veteran, who’d recently had part of his lung cut off to remove cancer. As I listened to Tommy, I learned he LOVES animal, and after he recovers, he’s hoping to land a job as a ranch-hand somewhere.

As we were talking about it, Lee asked if I’d get the word out (online) that Tommy’s looking for something like that. Of course, I told him I’d try to remember and forgot. Well, yesterday, I was reminded.

My girlfriend and I had made plans to run around in her new car and have lunch. While we waited for the restaurant to open, we stopped by Balboa Park to see Lee.

At first, we couldn’t find him (because of the rain), but after walking a bit, we saw his bag and Tommy. Lee had stepped away, and as he came back, we all sat and talked, and during our time together, the most amazing things happened.

Every time someone would walk by with a dog, Tommy would LIGHT UP! If there was an opportunity, he’d approach the person to meet their pet. He absolutely LOVES animals. (As much as I “dislike” them, this man “adores” them.)

As we watched him make instant friends with some dogs, Lee said, “Will you put something online about him looking to be a ranch-hand? He NEEDS animals,” and as I watched Tommy with the dogs, I knew Lee was right.

I guess, just like God’s my passion, animals are this man’s passion.

Tommy stays at Veterans Village of San Diego and will be there for about four more months. He needs a couple months to recover from surgery and strengthen his lung, but after that, he would love to love on animals.

If anyone out there knows of anyone looking for a good ranch-hand, I’ve found one! When I saw his love for animals, I KNEW his calling.

As for Lee, he’s recovering well from his fall. He injured his knee, hip, and rib, and couldn’t walk for a couple days, but a couple nurses came to his aid and nursed him back to health.


2 thoughts on “Church in the Park

    1. It’s SO amazing!! God definitely HEALS!

      Recently (VERY recently), He’s healed a part of my heart…given me a different perspective…making choices that will change so much in my life, but I can’t share it all yet. It’s SO exciting!!


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