“Wonder Land”

if you could see my heart
you’d see a path
lit along the way
with the end
covered in light
along this path
are memories
some forgotten
some ready to be made
familiar faces
new roots
leaves on the ground
beneath new growth
a fantasy of love
behind me
a reality of love
inside me
not many will walk
on this path with me
but all
will have the chance
to watch it


a covenant is something you hold onto
or let go of
even if you run
God WILL pursue
even if you stay
God will pursue

it’s not about following
to make sure someone lives “right”
it’s about living “right”
and following His lead

I’ve spent many years running
searching for “the one”
finding the “One”

the gospel’s about
becoming love
for others
not IF they earn it
more if they don’t

I’ve been spending time with Him
in clarity
after all these years I know

one can run physically
one can run spiritually
it’s up to me
to chase after the one