“Table of Contents”

God’s writing a book in me
that will help millions
I know it
I sense it
it’s real

of all people
why not

this subject
of all things
why not

without expecting
He planted seeds
without asking
He watered

now time to grow
in His direction
bearing fruit
in His light

“Common Cents”

you know what I love?
I never thought
I could work from home
without a husband
yet here I am
working from home
without a husband
and making it

never let doubt win
and stop you from stepping out
in doing what you believe
God’s called you to do

if you listen
you’ll never quit
you’ll learn to trust
you’ll grow a little taller
at hearing His Voice

you may want to cry
may give up a million times
but never follow through
because you’ll make it

listen to His voice

Developing your sense

to keep going


breathe in
breathe out

another moment’s

waiting’s not that bad
it’s the thinking
that wears one down

the wondering
the ‘what if’s
the fear

breathe in
breathe out
another moment

to trust
to choose
to follow His lead

it’s as easy as

“Waiting to Go”

sitting in His Presence
slows things down
and speeds things up

it causes storms to calm
and waters to rise

it quiets the heart
and awakens the soul

it’s where roots grow down
and trees grow up

He’s in no hurry
doesn’t wait till you’re ready
and always loves who you are