What’s Cooking

Life is a spoon that stirs things up.

“Leaky Faucet”

every once in awhile

I get afraid to write
what’s on my mind

to really let known
what’s in my heart

but it’s just a fear
of being judged

which is nonsense
so I let it all out

one drip at a time


a year that held
so much for me
so much to remember
and grow from

it was the year
of many beginnings
and some endings
a year of growth
and struggling

of writing my first poem
and then four hundred more
of writing thirty songs
some to music
of starting a business
walking away from a job

spending more time with
my kids
the ones who matter most

spending time with the youth
with the homeless
with good friends

so much to hold onto
so much to let go of

and all of it experienced
through God’s heart