To See Myself Through Love

When I was teaching the youth group on Wednesday, I said some things that really touched my heart. I even told them, “If you walk out of here with nothing, at least I know “I” got something out of this.”” It’s amazing how God shows us things, and since then, He’s just been expanding a lot.

One thing I’d mentioned is the way I see myself isn’t how others see me. Continue reading

“Change of Scenery”

I’ve found what I was waiting for
right in front of me

I wonder how often that happens

to look for something
in plain sight
to search for something
you step over
to reach for something
in your hand

God’s been teaching me
through struggle
and revealing Himself
through love

Disney had it wrong
church is something different
but straight from God
won’t be denied

friendship in love
love in friendship

simply given
complicated to receive

so many questions of
should I
if I
what about

but none of them trump
what He says
none of it disguises
His desire in my heart

love is a choice
choosing to love is an option