To See Myself Through Love

When I was teaching the youth group on Wednesday, I said some things that really touched my heart. I even told them, “If you walk out of here with nothing, at least I know “I” got something out of this.”” It’s amazing how God shows us things, and since then, He’s just been expanding a lot.

One thing I’d mentioned is the way I see myself isn’t how others see me.

That very day, I’d gone to renew my business license. I wasn’t wearing any make up; my hair was a little frizzy; and I was sporting some baggy clothes.

As I made my way to the office door, which was next to the sheriff’s department, some officers outside let me know they were closed. I stood and talked with them for a minute and went on my way.

As I sat down in the car, I glanced in the rear-view mirror and said, “Great! I look horrible,” and instantly, I reminded myself that only “I” thought I looked horrible. They have no idea of my look. I seem to be the only one who compares myself to anything, which brought me to some more thoughts.

The day Scott left, the little ones were asleep, so he needed to go into the room to say goodbye. After the older kids and I hugged him, he went out the door. After a moment, I assumed he’d forgotten about the little ones, so I raced downstairs to catch him.

He was parallel parked on the street, and as I jogged to the passenger door, I saw my reflection in the glass: hair a mess; no teeth; bags under my eyes, and then, I met Scott’s eyes past my reflection and KNEW that wasn’t how HE saw me at all because he looks at me through love.

It’s the same with the kids: when I don’t have my teeth in, they don’t see me as horrible. They see me through love, and all they see is that I don’t have my teeth in, so if I look at my reflection and find anything wrong, then I’m not looking at myself through love.

Those were just some of my recent moments in heaven with God on earth. Through teaching, He teaches me. Through reflection, He teaches me. Through love, He teaches me, and I never want to stop learning.

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