“Super Glue”

you can’t make
a parent
bond with their child

and you can’t make
a person
bond with their spouse

you can’t make
a teacher
bond with their student

but without that bond
what’re you left with

a child without love
a spouse without trust
a student without direction

thank God for God
Who takes what’s broken
and makes it whole

just don’t withhold
any piece of your heart

“Anonymous Bound”

of course I want to write
what everyone likes
and I want to like
everything I read
but we’re all different

our hearts
our minds
our thoughts
our intake

so being “all”
wouldn’t work
and to write what I know
what’s inside
seems wrong

so I’ve gotten married
this fairytale life
that plays out like
a nightmare
but I can’t explain it

maybe I’ll create a website
in secret
no name
no identity
just a heart

expressing out loud
is what I do
but expressing out loud
is what I “can’t” do
so all of me’s inside

sometimes hiding
always waiting
when tears will fall

I’m not here to make sense
I’m here to BE love
but in marriage
sometimes that seems

To See Myself Through Love

When I was teaching the youth group on Wednesday, I said some things that really touched my heart. I even told them, “If you walk out of here with nothing, at least I know “I” got something out of this.”” It’s amazing how God shows us things, and since then, He’s just been expanding a lot.

One thing I’d mentioned is the way I see myself isn’t how others see me. Continue reading