“My Reflection”

As you go through life
It’s not so much
You learn who you are
It’s much more like
You learn who you’re not
Which reveals who you are

I mean
I know who I am in Christ
But I still learn more about myself
Every week
Which tends to reveal
More of who I’m not

I’m a woman with integrity
One to be remembered and thought of
Not to be put on a shelf
Or under a table
I’m worth hearing and knowing
I’m kind and courageous

As time goes by
I’ll learn more and more
Never to disappoint myself
In who I find myself to be
But always with excitement
Discovering who I’m not

“Richness Within”

my steps led me Here

a life
not to be measured
by the world

how could having nothing
feel like everything
and having everything
feel like nothing

starting over again
with everything

and having nothing

comparison destroys

having beautiful kids
a loving heart
a good good Father
and faith
will carry me through
each new step

“In Sight Full”

in heaven
I bet there won’t be mirrors
because we’ll be see thru
so why not start here

in sight
is my body
full figured
hanging skin
wrinkles forming

outta sight
is my soul
good parts and
renewed and

which leaves
my spirit
Free to move
Free to laugh
Free to be love
and soar

I’m not sure
what makes it to heaven
the only thing dying
will be the outside
leaving the goodness of my soul
and spirit

to see through

bringing heaven on earth
through transparency
writing out bad
to get to the good
so the enemy of mirrors
won’t haunt me

and because of the effect
it has here on earth
I KNOW there’ll be laughter
in heaven

“Do You See What I See?”

I know you don’t
because when I look in the mirror
I cry

I see my profile
my weight
my self
and I cry

I just want someone
to see me
from the outside

each profile
from the neck down
from the neck up
from the front
the back
the sides
and tell me that
I’m beautiful

but convince me

or deliver me from
the darkness
that tells lies

“Looking Back at Me”

when I look at myself
some times
I see the past
some times
I see the present

the weight I’ve gained
the parts that are aging
the gray
but then I think of the kids
and what they see

they see the mother they looked to
while breastfeeding
they see the profile of the mommy
who used to burp them
they see the beauty of the one
who’s made them smile
they see the comforting arms
that’ve held them
they see the lap they used to lay on
while watching movies
they see the hands of the woman
who has led them
they see the eyes and the face
of who’s always loved them

age doesn’t stick out to them
because they’re aging too
and we’re still growing
as a family
in the soil of love