To See Myself Through Love

When I was teaching the youth group on Wednesday, I said some things that really touched my heart. I even told them, “If you walk out of here with nothing, at least I know “I” got something out of this.”” It’s amazing how God shows us things, and since then, He’s just been expanding a lot.

One thing I’d mentioned is the way I see myself isn’t how others see me. Continue reading

“Out in the Open”

is there anywhere really safe
to be yourself
and grow
without people attempting
to form you
to mold you
into what they believe
your shape should be
is there anywhere really safe
to open up
and rest
in where you are
in where you’ve been
in where you’re going
as you step into
what God has in store
the only safe place
is inside His heart
and everywhere I go
He’s with me
molding me
forming me
into His image
of love

“Blooming Late”

sometimes I feel
as if I’ve started too late
what prize have I become
at this age

sometimes I feel
as if I’m failing to sell flags
because of struggle
at this age

sometimes I feel
as if my house
will always be messy
at this age

and then I remind myself
“feelings aren’t truth”

God, Who cannot lie
reminds me to stay
young in faith
wise in decisions
holy in living

He doesn’t see my age
He doesn’t see past sin
He doesn’t see my house
He looks at my heart
and likes what He sees

I’m not afraid to press through
I’m not afraid to move forward
I’m not afraid to grow up in His heart
I’m not afraid to become love

feelings aren’t sin
actions have potential to be

although I “feel” at times
I’m the only one missing out
on the freedom inside of me

living through feelings
is NOT Kingdom Living
living through Truth